Main Reasons Malcolm not killed Sartaj Multiple times

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Malcolm had met Sartaj 2 times both time in battle ,each time he did not killed him,while he never hesitated to kill

Points to Note

  1. in 1st season he cut Sartaj thumb and maybe wanted to cut  other fingers of all tortures  ,note kalgranth had finger prints
  2. Malcom broke in Zoya house in s2 e01 ,he could had killed her but he wanted kalgranth
  3. Qurbani where we kill what we like most,guruji though Ganesh like mumbai most so he sent ganesh.ganesh and malcolm are narcissistic so they done suicide
  4. Guruji told kach story ,observe points
  •  kach was killed,here kach was Dilbaug singh 100% he was killed
  •  when kach was killed devyani cried,it may be batya
  •  kach was again given life its Sartaj Singh,rakshas promised kach will never die so unless last climax nobody from ashram tried to kill Sartaj

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